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A tutorial addressed to developers will take place on Monday 14 November 2016, before the ETSI IoT/M2M Workshop 2016 featuring the Smart World (15-17 Nov 2016)

The spirit of this new initiative is to create an interactive and stimulating exchange platform for developers, allowing many opportunities of hands on exercises.

The aim of the tutorial is to address the following :

  • Presentation of oneM2M standards from a developer's point of view
  • Development of oneM2M software applications
  • Presentation and Use of oneM2M open source implementations for Common Service Entities (CSEs)
  • Presentation and use case of Semantic interworking with oneM2M


   Chairman: Mahdi Ben Alaya, Sensinov
   10:00 	Workshop Opening - Enrico Scarrone, TIM
   10:10 	IoT, Vision and Challenges
   10:30 	oneM2M Common Architecture for IoT
   11:30 	Eclipse OM2M, Open Source oneM2M-based Platform
   12:30 	Lunch Break
   14:00 	oneM2M in Action: Smart Home Demonstration
   14:30 	Hands On oneM2M: Develop your IoT Application
   16:30 	Coffee Break
   17:00 	Towards Semantic IoT, oneM2M Base Ontology
   17:30 	Open Discussions

Register here if you want to participate to the tutorial at the link : registration

For more information, please contact