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oneM2M open source implementations

Eclipse OM2M

  • The Eclipse OM2M project, initiated by LAAS-CNRS, is an open source implementation of oneM2M and SmartM2M standard. It provides a horizontal M2M service platform for developing services independently of the underlying network, with the aim to facilitate the deployment of vertical applications and heterogeneous devices.
  • More details at

download at


  • The project OCEAN aims to share the open source developed based on IoT standards and to promote the development and

commercialization of diverse IoT services.

  • It has produced openMobius® which is an IoT service platform complying with globally-accepted,widely-used IoT standards, i.e., oneM2M specifications.
  • details at :


  • The IoT Data Management (IoTDM) project is an open source implementation of oneM2M running on OpenDayLight. It is about developing a data-centric middleware that will act as a oneM2M compliant IoT Data Broker and enable authorized applications to retrieve IoT data uploaded by any device.
  • details and download at
oneM2M commercial implementations

InterDigital’s oneMPOWER

The oneMPOWER™ Cloud hosted IN-CSE

  1. A downloadable oneMPOWER™ MN-CSE that can be installed and used locally]
  2. A downloadable oneMPOWER™ AE Development Kit
  3. Access to oneMPOWER™ test tools

InterDigital’s oneMPOWER

Pilot Things IoT private network Create your IoT private network with Pilot Things :

  • Things plug and play connexion,
  • A lot of connectivity technologies and things supported,

Once your network created, use open source software like grafana ( , node-red ( ou Kibana ( to build business processes or display your data. See for more details.