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<li>Access to oneMPOWER™ test tools</li>
<li>Access to oneMPOWER™ test tools</li>
==Pilot Things IoT private network==
Pilot Things IoT private network
Create your IoT private network with Pilot Things :
* Things plug and play connexion,
* A lot of connectivity technologies and things supported,
Once your network created, use open source software like grafana ( , node-red ( ou Kibana ( to build business processes or display your data.
See for more details.

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oneM2M Wireshark dissector

  • InterDigital has written a oneM2M protocol dissector that can be used to decode oneM2M messages within the Wireshark protocol analyzer tool. InterDigital is making this dissector available to the oneM2M community to help aid in efficient debug and to also help build the oneM2M ecosystem.

It is developed to display the packet information according to oneM2M™ structure as defined in the standard. The current version supports the oneM2M™ Release 1 bindings for both HTTP and CoAP.

F-Interop DevKit

  • The F-Interop H2020 European Project has mission to develop and provide online interoperability and performance test tools to support emerging technologies from research to standardization and market launch
  • The project has produced a oneM2M devKit to emulate an AE in order to debug a oneM2M ecosystem.
  • the tool is free of charge and is available at

InterDigital’s oneMPOWER

The oneMPOWER™ Cloud hosted IN-CSE

  1. A downloadable oneMPOWER™ MN-CSE that can be installed and used locally]
  2. A downloadable oneMPOWER™ AE Development Kit
  3. Access to oneMPOWER™ test tools