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Alfred Workflow - Find oneM2M Short Names

This Alfred workflow provides a search for oneM2M attribute long and short names, and response status codes.


This tool allows to find details on oneM2M short names


SDTTool is a tool to read and convert XML files that conform to the Smart Device Template schema definition.

The Smart Device Template (SDT) schema defined by the Home Gateway Initiative (HGI) and now standardized in oneM2M (TS-0023) is a format to describe concrete and abstract devices as well as capabilities, data models and functions of those devices.

SDTtool is a Python 3 script that reads SDT files and generates output in various formats. It can be used to produce documentation for the Devices and ModuleClasses of an SDT as well as to convert between different versions of the SDT.

oneM2M Jupyter notebooks

This github repository contains a number of Jupyter Notebooks that give a practical introduction to programmatically interacting with a oneM2M CSE. The notebooks explain how to access a CSE, add and update resources, and more.

Node-RED for OM2M

  • Based on Node-RED, node-red-contrib-ide-iot is a module that allows the creation of IoT applications graphically in a simple and efficient way. It uses the OM2M platform as a middleware that provides high level interoperability between the different heterogeneous objects connected to this platform. node-red-contrib-ide-iot modules allow to be connected to several OM2M platforms, manages resources, extract data from sensors in a different ways, manage activators and communicate in a different way;