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||'''Use cases examples'''
'''Use cases examples'''
<ul><li>[[Remote Light|Remote Light]]</ul>
<ul><li>[[Light control|Light control using HTTP binding]]</ul>
<ul><li>[[OSM EUAG|End User Advisory Group]]</ul>
<ul><li>[[Temperature Monitoring|Temperature Monitoring using CoAP binding]]</ul>
<ul><li>[[OSM TSC|Technical Steering Committee]]</ul>
<ul><li>[[Security|Implementing security example]]</ul>
<ul><li>[[OSM MDGs|Module Development Groups]]</ul>
<ul><li>[[Semantics|Implementing Semantics - the SAREF use case]]</ul>
<ul><li>[[OSM TFs|Task Forces]]</ul>
<ul><li>[[IPE|Interworking Proxy Entity example]]</ul>
<ul><li>[[Device management|Device Management example]]</ul>
||'''How we work together'''
<ul><li>[[Smart Farm|Smart farm example using MQTT binding]]</ul>
<li> The OSM community relies on several collaboration methods:
<ul><li>[[3GPP|3GPP interworking example]]</ul>
<ul><li> Scheduled conference calls and face-to-face meetings</ul>
<ul><li> Email distribution lists</ul>
<ul><li> WIKI pages</ul>
<ul><li> OSM Development tools</ul>
||'''Where to get more information'''
<ul><li>[ OSM Working Procedures]</ul>
<ul><li>[[TechBriefings|Technical Briefings]]</ul>
<ul><li>[[OSM Release 0|OSM Releases]]</ul>
<ul><li>[[Workflow with OSM tools|Development Guidelines]]</ul>
<ul><li>[[OSM Videos|Use case demonstration videos]]</ul>

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oneM2M Developer Guides

oneM2M has worked on a series of developer guides, propsing a guideline for application developers who want to use functionalities offered by an oneM2M service platform. When implementing a standard, it is frequently requested from software developer community to get some tutorials describing for basic use cases, some procedures and scenarios, including diagrams, message flows, message traces samples, resource description samples, etc.. … Such document would be helpful in software development to provide overal understanding of the main functions offered by the oneM2M architecture, before going more deeply into the analysis of the oneM2M standards.

oneM2M sample use cases

Use cases examples