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<center>'''Welcome to the oneM2M developer Corner WIKI!'''</center>
<center>'''Welcome to the oneM2M developer Corner Wiki!'''</center>
Welcome to oneM2M developer corner wiki. This portal page aims to provide you with a starting point in your engagement with the oneM2M community, our software releases and collaborative development processes.
<blockquote>'''Our Vision & Mission'''
oneM2M is developping a Common Service layer
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Welcome to the oneM2M developer Corner Wiki!
  • oneM2M Tech Series: If you wish to know more about oneM2M , you might want to watch the oneM2M webinar videos
  • Other Videos: See the Media library of oneM2M videos
Getting stated with oneM2M
oneM2M Hackathons
  • News: Details on upcoming oneM2M Hackathons
  • Past events: Information on past oneM2M Hackathons (awarded projects details, winners, scope,...)