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oneM2M maintains a namespace registry based on URNs in support of the specifications produced by oneM2M. The oneM2M registry allocates these URNs based upon a reserved NID ('onem2m'). See RFCXXXX for the document which reserved this NID.

All URNs in the oneM2M URN namespace will have the following structure:


The "oneM2M-urn" will have the following structure:


where <nss-root> are the nodes allocated under oneM2M URN namespace as defined in Table 1 and <nss-restoftree> is the rest of tree that has one or more strings each separated with a colon ":"

Procedure for requesting an <oneM2M-urn> under oneM2M URN namespace

Applications for new <oneM2M-urn>, using one of the NSS-Roots (excluding experimental) specified in table 1, shall be addressed to the oneM2M working group in charge of the given NSS-Root. Each oneM2M working group may have a different policy for the allocation of <oneM2M-urn>. Please, see the corresponding application details indicated in the Table 1.

URNs within experimental is for those modules that are not expected to be used in any published work. So, there is no need to submit a request for such URNs. There is no capture of any URNs under experimental.

When a URN application implies the creation of a new node under oneM2M URN namespace, then an application shall be submitted to the oneM2M Technical Plenary group to include the following:

• oneM2M working group

• Node name(s) to be created

• Reference to the location where the NSS-restoftree is available

Table 1. NSS-Roots
Structure NSS-Root urn:NID:NSS-Root oneM2M group Application details reference NSS-restoftree reference
mgmt-nss mgmt urn:onem2m:mgmt SDS WPM URN Application procedure MGMT URN Namespace
experimental-nss example urn:onem2m:example - For experimental use



i.e. a string starts with an alphanumeric (a-zA-Z0-9) and has 0 or more mix alphanumeric (a-zA-Z0-9) or hyphen or underscore.

MGMT URN Namespace

The following table maintains namespaces for oneM2M area network technologies namespace registry as a subtree of the oneM2M root urn:onem2m namespace.

The MGMT URN has the following structure:



<identifier> is network technology e.g. “zigbee”, “lora” etc.

[parameters] is any additional optional variable

Table 2. MGMT Rest of tree
MGMT-sub-tree Entire URN Type Description
nwkType urn:onem2m:mgmt:nwkType string The namespace for the area network types for an oneM2M data type m2m:areaNwkType defined in TS-0004. The network types can have following values:
  • zigbee
  • lora
  • sigfox
  • 6lowpan
  • mbus
  • ansi_c_12
  • zwave
  • dlms_cosem
  • wifi