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Technical Questions and Comments
== oneM2M technical question link ==
== oneM2M technical question link ==

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oneM2M technical question link

We have established a new e-mail list to discuss technical questions and comments related to our specifications. Experts involved in developing oneM2M specifications are members of this list and can reply to queries and engage in discussions. Please note that only questions to clarify the specifications, or suggestions for their improvement, can be handled. Questions on how to implement the specifications cannot be answered.

Send your questions and comments to TechQuestions@list.onem2m.org

Please note that you must first join the list in order to post to it.

To join, send an e-mail to listserv@list.etsi.org with "Subscribe onem2m_TechQuestions" in the body.

To leave the list, send a blank e-mail to onem2m_TechQuestions-signoff@list.etsi.org.

Search the archive of all questions already asked, and the answers provided!

oneM2M stackoverflow

Another source of technical information on Question&Answers on the oneM2M standards or implementations :